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Victory Burger – locally sourced sustainable burgers from Oakland - we make the best burger around at any price, starting with locally and responsibly sourced meats, artisan breads and farm direct organic produce.

Hecka Good Burgers…

We respect the Source – we know where our ingredients come from, take them seriously and treat them with care. We make all our food from scratch, and buy everything we can from local ranchers, farmers, bakers, and other providers.

Our Burger of the Week (aka BOTW) is really different. We start with seasonal produce sourced directly from our farm partners, prepare it to bring out its most interesting qualities, and combine it with other great ingredients on our burger, to create a unique dining experience that doesn’t repeat itself. Our other menu items show our global influences, featuring South American, Caribbean, and Asian flavors. Our excellent vegan and gluten-free offerings mean that all diners can experience a great meal with us.

You’ll get it how you like it – cooked to order, with the toppings you like. If you’re not into our Burger of the Week, you can get yours customized with extra housemade sauces, organic bacon or egg, great cheeses, and more.

Venezuelan-style arepas give us the ability to make any sandwich gluten-free without sacrificing flavor, and present arepas with fillings inspired by all sorts of cuisines. Aside from our buns, we use no wheat flour anywhere in our operation. We have lots of vegan options, including a Veggie Burger made from whole vegetables and grains, our Caribbean Veggie Arepa, all our sides, and our Weekly Farm Salad. Our fries are cooked in certified GMO-free rice bran oil from California, and our breading uses rice flour and corn starch – no wheat flour.

Just some of our sources:
Five Dot Ranch (beef) . Acme Baking (rolls & bread) . Clover Stornetta Organic (milk & eggs, ice cream) . Oaktown Spice Shop . Dirty Girl Produce, Riverdog Farm, Full Belly Farm, and more (produce for our weekly specials) . Beeler’s Pork (bacon) . Mary’s Chicken

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 1099 Alcatraz Avenue, Oakland CA 94608      510.653.8322