• Jul 23 BOTW – Spicy Grilled & Sauteed Mixed Peppers

    our Burger of the Week this week features Comanche Creek gypsy, anaheim, jalapeno and thai bird peppers & onions, with our Five Dot Ranch burger on an Acme kaiser roll

What’s a VICTORY burger?

burger & fries table (2)Victory Burger is a new restaurant in the Golden Gate district of North Oakland. Created by Sal Bednarz of Actual Cafe, and occupying an adjoining space to the cafe, it’s another exciting addition to an already great neighborhood.

We’re open seven days a week for lunch & dinner.

We serve locally and sustainably farmed meat burgers, with artisan buns and organic produce, along with other sandwiches, crispy fries, and shakes. See our menu for more details.

Our Burger of the Week (BOTW) features local and seasonal ingredients on our Five Dot Ranch burger.  You won’t find a burger like it anywhere else.

Keep an eye on us here, or at our facebook page.

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Our Menu

Click the image below for our menu: