• Nov 19 BOTW: Roasted Apples & Parm

    this week’s Burger of the Week features Smit Ranch granny smith apples, parmesan cheese, black pepper-caramelized red onions, arugula, and housemade fry sauce, with our Five Dot Ranch burger on an Acme Kaiser roll

Victory Burger – locally sourced sustainable burgers from Oakland


Victory Burger makes the best burger around at any price.  We start with locally and responsibly sourced meats, artisan breads and farm direct organic produce. Our focused street food-style approach helps us keep our prices accessible. We can accommodate the casual eater, or the burger purist, with our basic menu – burgers, fries, and shakes.  But then we go further.

Our Burger of the Week (aka BOTW) is really different. We start with hyper-seasonal produce sourced directly from our farm partners, prepare it to bring out its most interesting qualities, and combine it with other great ingredients on our burger, to create a unique dining experience that doesn’t repeat itself. Our other menu items show our global influences, featuring South American, Caribbean, and Asian flavors. Our excellent vegan and gluten-free offerings mean that all diners can experience a great meal with us.

Victory Burger was founded 2012, in the Golden Gate district of North Oakland. Created by Sal Bednarz of Actual Cafe, and occupying an adjoining space to the cafe, it’s another exciting addition to an already great neighborhood.

We’re open seven days a week for lunch & dinner.

Keep an eye on us here, or at our facebook page.

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