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Another whirlwind week.  They’ll probably keep on going that way.

I’m picking up final drawings next Tuesday and filing them at the Health Department so we can get the formal plan check process started there.  We’ve got a couple other things we’re still wrapping up before they’re ready for the city building department, but the building department won’t review plans until the health department has signed off, so we’ve got some time to finish those.

We spent a lot of time and energy tweaking plans based on the input we got from both the health and building departments, while trying to preserve dining and working areas.  We found a way (after lots more lasers and hard math) to grade and slope the patio and indoor areas and create a ramp where we had a staircase before.  This is better for us and everyone else involved.  So that’s good.  Since our space is really small, inches matter.  We’ve swapped out a couple pieces of equipment for smaller versions, and shrunk our walk-in cooler a bit, and I’m starting to be less nervous that we’re doing stupid stuff that we’ll regret later.  Also good.

I saw a rough cut of our kickstarter video today.  It’s got just a little bit of work before it’s done.  Also, we’re getting sticker and poster designs done (we’ll be using these for kickstarter rewards), so that’s good, too.

But, perhaps most exciting this week, we actually got into some serious food testing – getting our recipes dialed and starting to select our providers.  We tested ground beef this week, and we’re pretty close to settled on a local ranch and distributor for a product we really like.  We’re negotiating prices and such right now – hopefully we can make an announcement about it next week.  We have a couple other meats to test (chicken, pork, bacon), but those ought to be relatively easy.

We started meeting with bakeries and talking about buns.  We’re thinking about cheeses.  Veggie burger development is coming along as well.

All the menu development is moving quickly suddenly because of a new addition to our team who I’ll write a little profile of sometime soon.

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Sal Bednarz is the founder and owner of Actual Cafe, and the driving force behind Victory Burger. Through the founding and operation of Actual Cafe, he has helped revitalize the North Oakland Golden Gate District, and helped anchor an intersection which had been largely devoid of businesses for years. Sal loves a good hamburger. After eating a lot of mediocre ones (even some of the new burgers in the area), along with some excellent (but very expensive) ones, he became convinced that there was a market for a well-prepared burger, made from great ingredients, and served in a casual environment. Inspired by the burgeoning street food movement, he decided to focus on a small number of menu items, and execute them really well. This is the simple concept that begat Victory Burger. Prior to Victory Burger and Actual Cafe, Sal has had multiple careers, in technology, music, jewelry-making, and as a laborer in various trades. He is a 21-year resident of Oakland, and an 11-year resident of the Golden Gate District. He is passionate about the current Oakland renaissance, and proud to be a part of it.

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