Construction wrapping, we’re hiring!

We’ve had a tremendous amount of work happening in our space in the past few weeks.  PG&E installed our new gas service this week, all our rough plumbing and electrical work is done, metal fabrication is in progress, we’re prepping for stucco outside, and getting ready to install our refurbed redwood siding on the facade.  Sheet rock goes in next week, hood and walk-in will follow right after.  We’re doing a bunch of exterior demolition and re-pouring our concrete patio and sidewalk area next week as well.

We also got our parklet permit last week, and we’re getting ready to start building the frame and deck for it – the parklet is an Actual Cafe project, but it’s public space, and we expect burger lovers and other neighborhood folks will get plenty of enjoyment from it as well.

We’ve been doing small private tastings every week for the past few, and we’re almost completely done with our menu development.  I’m getting ready to do design for web and print menus, interior and exterior signage, etc.  We’re also starting to expand our POS system to get ready for Victory, and programming all the new menu items, so we don’t have to scramble and do that at the last minute.

We still have a fair bit of work to do – furniture, paint, interior aesthetics, installation of all our equipment…but the list is getting smaller, and the restaurant feels more real every day.

Also, we’re hiring a couple key kitchen positions now to help us get through the last phases of opening – pass it on:

Stand by…more soon!